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Latex page x of y footer
Latex tips and tricks

Today I wanted to add a page x of y in my latex document. This can be achieved by using the package lastpage and adding the following lines of code to the document:

\fancyfoot[C]{\small{Page \thepage\ of \pageref{LastPage}}}

This results in a nice page 1 of 5 in the footer of the document.

Posted by Stef on 2009-09-16 - 22:04:00 in Latex - Comments (8512)
Setting up a LAMP server on ubuntu
linux apache mysql php server on ubuntu 8.10

Installing a lamp server on ubuntu 8.10 is very easyily done by following the
next steps. The result of this tutorial will be a working php-mysql webserver
for all your php projects. First the apache webserver is installed by firing
up a terminal and executing the command:

sudo apt-get install apache2

You can check if everything went fine by starting a webbrowser and typing in the
following adress: http://localhost/ If the text 'It works!' appears apache
installed ...

Posted by Stef on 2009-07-05 - 18:46:00 in linux - Comments (4639)
Oracle BPEL JDeveloper and MySQL database? is hard enough to get Oracle BPEL working

How to get Oracle JDeveloper working with a MySQL database?

First you need Oracle JDeveloper version or up (because previous versions contain some bugs and therefor it will not work). You can download the latest version from the oracle website. Next thing you need is the MySQL jdbc driver: mysql-connector-java-5.1.5.tar.gz. This driver can be downloaded fro...

Posted by Stef on 2009-07-05 - 18:44:00 in BPEL - Comments (11341)