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Implementation of the slice & dice and squarify algorithm


A delphi program to visualize hierarchical data through treemaps. The implementation is based on two papers Tree visualization with tree-maps: 2-d space-filling approach by B. Shneiderman and Squarified treemaps by D.M Bruls, C. Huizing and J.J. van Wijk. Both the original slice-and-dice and squarify algorithm are implemented succesfully. The user can select a text file with hierarchical data or visualize the hard disk. Several features which make the reading of the treemaps easier, lik...

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NintendoDS Rom Database System

NintendoDS Rom Database System

A multiplatform database tool written in C++/Qt to easily find nintendo ds games by certain keywords/genres etc. Also used to organize and automatically update the collection of games and easily transfer the roms to the Nintendo DS.

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Three-dimensional Modeling course
Blender, Lissajous and Boissonat

Four assignments done for the course 3D Modeling at Utrecht University. The fourth assignment stated the animation of blender models. The final rendered movie is really big and is not included here. Below a description of the first three assignments; Blender, Lissajous curves and Boissonat algorithm.

Assignment 1
A fairly complex interesting real-world object has to be chosen to be modelled in either Maya or Blender. From this object a photo has to be taken and the model, once modelled, must be rendered to the according photo. The rendered ...

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Interactive Virtual Environments course
Construction of an interactive immersive virtual reality CAVE application

This project focuses on the immersive experience of the user residing in a CAVE type virtual reality environment setting. The actual CAVE setting that is used, is located at the Fontys Virtual Reality Lab [CNSD+92] which is operational since late 2008. From now on we refer to this setting as the CAVE. As a starting point the BOX Application from the Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica [CWI09] in Amsterdam is taken. With "BOX" we refer to this application in original state. The BOX application is a simple application to demonstrate several aspects of v...

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Visualization course
Construction of an interactive application simulating fluid flow

In this document the design decisions and several diff erent used visualization techniques are described and explained. These visualization techniques are implemented in a single program. This program is an interactive real-time simulation of fluid flow. The construction of this program is the practical assignment for the course 2IV35: Visualization. ``Construct an interactive application that implements several visualization techniques for a real-time simulation of fluid flow.`` In the upcoming sections the different visualization techniques are explained. Trade o...

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Rebel II

This is the second robot that I have ever build. The first robot was Rebel. But this robot had some limitations and shortcomings. The things it missed are among other things, a real third wheel (now it was just a plastic cap that dragged over the floor), on/off buttons (every time I want to put it on I have to connect the batteries, remote controlling (I would really like to know if I can make it remote control with a PCB from an old RC car I had lying around).
The parts I used for Rebel II are:

* 2x Continuous rotation servo

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Motion and Manipulation course
Technical summary on conveyor-based part feeding

In this technical summary the theory, methods and results from two papers about conveyor-based part feeding are discussed. The papers summarized are: Computing fence designs for orienting parts from Robert-Paul Berretty, Ken Goldberg, Mark H. Overmars and A. Frank van der Stappen [BGOvdS98] and Parts feeding on a conveyor with a one joint robot written by Srinivas Akella, Wesley H. Huang, Kevin M. Lynch and Matthew T. Mason [AHLM00]. The articles under discussion are about sensorless part orienting on a conveyor belt. Part feedin...

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